Fair Use and Freemium Pricing

All TraIT services are available based on a fair use and freemium model


Costs of hosting and user support were covered by the CTMM-TraIT project until the end of 2016.

In 2017, research projects can use the TraIT services free of charge, however a fair-use policy applies: Projects having high demands with respect to computing capacity, disk space, network bandwidth or consultancy should fund this from their own project budget.


Fair use policy


TraIT maintains a Fair Use Policy to avoid that any use of its Services imposes excessive load on the TraIT system so that this will compromise the system’s performance for the majority of its users. This policy may include limitations on data storage space and equipment and software requirements. Limitations that apply to multiple TraIT Services and/or Clients will be communicated in this section. Specific TraIT Service limitations are listed on the respective Service pages.


Freemium pricing


TraIT Services are provided free of charge, but a fee may be charged to clients that use the Services above a fee threshold. The fee threshold (as may be updated from time to time), as applicable for certain Services, is set forth on the respective TraIT Service pages under “Fee Threshold”.

In terms of data storage, the following pricing model (excluding BTW) has been set for 2017:

TierSpace Used (GB)Starting fee (€)Price (€/GB/year)
Free 0-150 - -
First paid 151-300 € 200 € 1,50
Second paid >300 € 425 € 2,50


Please contact the TraIT Service Desk for more information on the pricing model.


For each service, specific fair use and freemium policies have or will be defined. Please visit the corresponding TraIT tool page for more information.