CTMM-TraIT co-hosted the tranSMART Foundation 2015 Annual Meeting

October 19-21 2015, Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam

With over 160 attendees this has been the largest annual meeting for the data integration tool tranSMART so far.

The three days have seen 25 Speakers, 4 keynotes and over 25 posters focused on the science and platforms for translational research, including substantial contributions and results from partners in the CTMM-TraIT project.

Group Photo

Highlights under the presentations include:

  • Remond Fijneman (NKI, CTMM-TraIT leader WP4, Experimental Data) on the user perspective (Abstract and YouTube video)
  • Jildau Bouwman and Mariska Bierkens (NKI, power user CTMM-TraIT) on the Phenotype Database (Abstract and YouTube video)
  • Kees van Bochove (The Hyve, CTMM-TraIT) on the architecture of tranSMART (YouTube video)
  • Erwin Vast (Erasmus MC, CTMM-TraIT) on the XNAT-tranSMART connection (Abstract and YouTube video)
  • Riza Nugraha (The Hyve, TRANSLOCATION) on the new TranSMART UI concept (Abstract and YouTube video)
  • tranSMART/cBioportal integration by Jan Hudecek (NKI, CTMM-TraIT) and Peter Kok (The Hyve, CTMM-TraIT) (Abstract)
  • Tim Hulsen on creating a tranSMART-based global prostate cancer active surveillance database: the Movember GAP3 project (Abstract)

CTMM-TraIT also organised two advanced trainings on data loading, TranSMART ETL with transmart-data (and transmart-batch) using the TraIT Cell Line Use Case, and on data science with tranSMART REST API in Python and R. Both were very well attended and well received. The materials for these trainings will be available online later.

Amongst the posters there were also many contributions from TraIT, including the "Multi-omics data analysis in tranSMARTusing the Cell Line Use Case dataset" poster which won the Bio-IT World 2015 Best Poster award. Also we presented a new poster on the "Data Download Portal for The Maastricht Study Project".

The poster describing the CTMM-TraIT project even won the CEO Poster award during this meeting.

Jan-Willem Boiten and Keith Elliston


For more information on the meeting please visit:

For more information on tranSMART in CTMM-TraIT please visit our tranSMART page.


Please find below some more photografic impressions of the meeting:

Gerrit Meijer


Kees van Bokhoven


Mariska Bierkens

Tim Hulsen


Jan Hudecek and Peter Kok