CTMM TraIT launches new imaging platform XNAT.BMIA.NL


CTMM TraIT has recently launched a new platform for managing imaging data in clinical studies, called XNAT.BMIA.NL.

The XNAT.BMIA.NL platform facilitates storage, organization, and sharing of medical imaging data (e.g. CT, MRI, ultrasound) and image-derived annotations, in a secure way. Imaging data are stored in a standardized way. The platform provides a solid infrastructure for handling imaging data in large, collaborative, multi-centre, clinical studies.

The platform is based on the open source XNAT software ( XNAT stands for the eXtensible Neuroimaging Archiving Toolkit and was originally developed within the neuroimaging community. However it has found its way to other applications as well, and has become a widely  used informatics platform for medical imaging research in general. XNAT supports various methods for upload and download of data: via the DICOM protocol (which is a large standard in medical imaging), via a web-interface (for manual upload and download), and via an application programming interface (API). The API provides access to data in an automated fashion, thus enabling automatic processing and analysis of large datasets, eliminating the need for laborious manual procedures. This makes the platform very suitable for use in multi-centre clinical studies with imaging data.

CTMM TraIT will thus support two imaging systems, BMIA.NL and XNAT.BMIA.NL, as the two systems have different advantages and disadvantages. BMIA.NL has a “web-shop” type of interface, facilitating quick selection and download of a few scans. XNAT.BMIA.NL provides this functionality as well (although with fewer search options), but on top of that, it enables data access via DICOM and via the API, which makes it flexible. Furthermore, XNAT.BMIA.NL stores not only the images, but also image-derived information, such as annotations and processed versions of the images.

For further questions regarding the XNAT platform, please contact the CTMM-TraIT ServiceDesk at