HANDS2.0 is online!

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HANDS2.0 is online!


With this extra newsletter, data4lifesciences would like to announce that the revised version of the Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship (HANDS2.0) was launched on November 28 at the Dataprijs 2018.


This handbook is written by experts with knowledge of the current regulations and best practices in data stewardship. It addresses topics such as the FAIR data principles, content of a data management plan and how to archive and share data. To highlight the importance of HANDS2.0 and the sharing of knowledge, Paula Jansen and Rob Hooft explain in the interview 'To shared data stewardship with guidelines support' why they believe a shared data stewardship policy supported by all UMCs is important and how researchers and research support can have easy access to each other’s data stewardship expertise and training.

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