Health-RI Conference – 1 December 2016

On Thursday 1 December, BBMRI-NL, ELIXIR-NL, EATRIS-NL, DTL, FHI and FMS host a joint conference entitled Health-RI, Empowering Personalized Medicine and Health Research

Venue: Theater de Flint, Amersfoort
Time: 09:00 – 18:00 hrs

After a very successful first conference in 2015, BBMRI-NL, ELIXIR-NL, EATRIS-NL, DTL, FHI and FMS are now preparing the second edition, in which developments towards one nation-wide Research Infrastructure for Personalized Medicine and Health (Health-RI) will be central in the program.

The organizers will take you from international ‘P4 Medicine’ initiatives towards the importance of translational research, patient contributions, latest technologies and collaborations. Not only will present successes be addressed, but potential hurdles and challenges in today's practice will be discussed as well.

We welcome you to contribute to these discussions, and to help us translate these developments to realization of the Health-RI mission to empower Personalized Medicine and Health research in the Netherlands.

For further information and registration please use the conference website: