HOVON Pathology Facility and Biobank web portal via CTMM-TraIT

HOP sample request/tracking portal

In June of this year the HOVON Pathology Lymphoma Working Group opened their HOVON Pathology Facility and Biobank (HOP), and launched their new sample request/tracking portal in close collaboration with the CTMM TraIT Biobanking team and CSC developers.

The aim of the portal: to improve logistics and efficiency of collecting and managing samples from patients that consented to participate in HOVON clinical trials for malignant lymphoma patients. This will enable optimal pathology review to support the quality of the clinical trials in a cost-effective manner as well as support biological side studies to these clinical trials, thus improving the scientific yield of the enormous effort of clinical trials. The data generated in these studies would not only improve the understanding of various types of malignant lymphomas (cancer of immune cells), but are essential to perform clinical trials in which patients will receive the most appropriate treatment based on the patient’s unique genetic or metabolic profile.

The cloud based HOP solution is part of a suite of projects using similar approaches to improve efficiency and monitoring of sample movements between biobanks/laboratories and researchers requesting the materials. The portal will provide better access, reduce valuable time tracing “lost” samples and increase efficiency.

The HOP portal, funded by an Alpe D’Huzes grant to Daphne de Jong, Martine Chamuleau and Philip Kluin on behalf of HOVON, aims to support all 50 Dutch Pathology laboratories and provides a simple turn-key solution for all involved HOP sample logistics.

Almost 200 patients have been processed to date via this portal.


Please contact the HOP ( / +31 20 4442317) or the TraIT Service Desk for more information.