Image viewing without downloading

Keosys online viewer available for users

To review images stored in BMIA, users can choose between two options. First, downloading images, and opening them on a local imaging workstation. Second, we added an extra option for online review of images, provided by the Imagys viewer, developed by Keosys.

After selecting the desired images within BMIA, users can “check out” their basket, and can download or start the Imagys viewer with these images. When starting the Imagys viewer, a remote desktop connection is made to the application. Therefore, users do not need to install specific or licensed software. This remote desktop connection will look like users have opened the viewer full-screen on their computer, however is actually running at the BMIA cloud infrastructure. As it is running remotely, users also do not have to wait to finish the download of images, or occupying disk space on their local computer.

Finally, this online viewer enables the possibility to perform peer-review of images (e.g. for multicenter trials) without the hassle of sending CDs or DVDs to all reviewers. For example, if images from institute A are sent to BMIA, a reviewer of institute B can open the images in the online viewer (if this reviewer has sufficient rights).

Use of the Imagys viewer is without any additional charges, as it is included in the BMIA software.

For further questions regarding the Imagys viewer, or regarding the upload of images to BMIA, please contact the CTMM-TraIT ServiceDesk at