Ldot, new tool in CTMM-TraIT suite

TraIT makes Ldot available, a free-to-use tool to guard your study workflow

LDot is a web-based tool, designed to monitor your study logistics. The tool assists you in guarding the progress of your research project by telling you what to do, for whom, and at what time point, so you can fully focus on the quality of your data collection.

Ldot is developed by MEMIC, centre for data and information management of Maastricht University, and has proven its use over more than 10 years. CTMM-TraIT now provides a free version of Ldot for researchers affiliated with TraIT.

Some key features of Ldot are its secured web-based approach, multicentre support, fully customisable detail management for your study subjects (e.g. contact details, personal details, company details, etc.), randomisation, real-time overviews and several types of “to-do/action”-presentation, all delivered to you in an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface.

Especially in studies with a larger number of participants and/or studies with complex or longitudinal schedules, Ldot can be of great help. In the near future, Ldot will be able to communicate with OpenClinica, after which also interoperability with other CTMM-TraIT data-collection tools will be realised. This will allow other tools to inform Ldot that an action has been completed.

The study schedule can be built in Ldot StudyBuilder, which requires some effort and understanding.

If you are interested, please read further on Ldot to see if the tool fits your needs and to learn how to get started with building your own schedule.


For further questions regarding Ldot, please contact the CTMM-TraIT Service Desk at