New version of TraIT’s Phenotype Database is available

The new and improved version of the Phenotype database is now available on the TraIT server. The tool is enables reproducibility and sharing data, and is quicker and easier to use. Multiple datasets of up to 1 million data points each can be uploaded into one study.

Phenotype Database logo

The Phenotype database was originally developed by TNO. It stores (protocol) details on complex laboratory study setups (meta data) and the actual data of a study. TraIT has adopted this solution for storing experimental data. You can share your study by giving other users viewing or writing access. Details on how measurements were performed are stored in an easily accessible way.

Reproducible and sharable data is essential in scientific research today. One tool which enables both is the Phenotype database. As of now the new and improved version 2 of this tool is available for TraIT users. Compared to the previous version, this version has improved storage and import performance and an updated user interface.

The new version is the result of a collaboration between NKI, TNO and The Hyve. TNO and the Hyve were responsible for the technical development, while the NKI, as an important user of the tool, was involved in testing and approving the changes. The Phenotype database tool is now quicker and easier to use. And multiple datasets of up to 1 million data points each can be uploaded into one study.

Many improvements have been implemented in comparison to the previous version, a.o.:

  • better performance,
  • possibility of uploading bigger datasets and
  • new interface design

For more general information on the Phenotype database, visit the Phenotype foundation site. If you would like to start working with this tool, go here for the TraIT step-by-step information on how to set it up for your studies.