Tool update: OpenClinica Building Blocks and Data Importer

TraIT OpenClinica Data Importer v2.0 released and TraIT CRF Building Blocks made available

One of the main goals of TraIT is to improve the quality of data collected within translational research. In the clinical data domain, the tool OpenClinica has been used since 2011 for this purpose, having reached more than 2700 users, who now are able to use the TraIT CRF building blocks (BBs) and the recently released data importer (OCDI v2.0):


TraIT OpenClinica Data Importer v2.0 released!

In order to automate and facilitate data capture in OpenClinica as much as possible TraIT has recently developed a completely new OpenClinica Data Importer (OCDI v2.0). It allows you to create new subjects in your OpenClinica study, schedule “Events” and upload data via tab-delimited text files. The tool has been developed in collaboration between The Hyve and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI).

Read more on TraITs OCDI v2.0 here.


TraIT CRF Building Blocks made available

In the beginning of 2017 TraIT introduced the "TraIT Building Blocks" (BBs for short) to further improve the quality and consistency of collected data in OpenClinica.

Using the BBs will save time when setting up a study in OpenClinica and promote a more uniform setup. The BBs are meant as a starting point. Fields can be removed and added where needed.

The BBs are freely available in Excel format on our new forum on the TraIT website ( The forum can be used by all OpenClinica users to discuss the BBs and suggest improvements or changes.

Please read more on the TraIT CRF BBs here.