Facts and Figures

TraIT uptake until Q3 2016

The uptake of usage of TraIT in biomedical research has been growing nearly exponentially, as illustrated in figure 1 below.

Users TraIT Q3 2016

Figure 1: Growth of the number of active TraIT users over the past 5 years until Q3 2016

At the end of Q3 2016, TraIT supported more than 2800 unique registered users originating from more than 500 institutes. These users are spread out over more than 400 translational studies, 285 of which are available in a production, working environment, and 119 are in preparation phase, also called a sandbox environment.

TraIT supports prominently Dutch projects, but international collaborators also have access to the tools and services provided for the specific study they collaborate with. This means that TraIT has reached researchers spread throughout all continents.

Production Studies TraIT Q3 2016

Figure 2: Studies supported by TraIT in production phase arranged by disease area.

Figure 2 shows that TraIT is used across a wide range of disease domains, albeit with a clear predominance of oncology.

Initial TraIT use was dominated by relatively simple studies using one TraIT service (in particular OpenClinica) from only one or a few sites. With the extension and professionalization of the TraIT services larger and more complex studies are on-boarded, initiated from multiple sites and making use of multiple integrated TraIT solutions.


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