Phenotype Database latest tool released in the CTMM-TraIT suite

Biomolecular study capture tool

The Phenotype Database ( is a web-based software tool suitable for capturing and storing study information. Within CTMM-TraIT the tool has now been released and is available for storage of primarily pre-processed and processed non-highthroughput molecular profiling data.

Templates are an essential part of this tool and are used to describe each part of the study such as: basic Study design, Subject information, Events (e.g. measurements on molecular/biological material) and Sample particulars. The more detailed the information in the template, the better the traceability of data and results.

Studies within Phenotype Database can easily be shared with other users, thereby facilitating collaboration with other parties.

Read more on the Phenotype Database page.

For further questions regarding the Phenotype Database tool, please contact the CTMM-TraIT ServiceDesk at