Report on TraIT years 2011-2016

We have captured for you all the important information about the CTMM-TraIT years 2011-2016

We have captured all the important information about the TraIT project in the years 2011-2016 in the new TraIT output report (Download PDF).

Integrating biological data with clinical phenotype data is at the core of translational research. The level of penetration of professional-grade IT in the field of translational research is contrasting its importance and the level of sophistication of e.g. the omics methods used. The CTMM-TraIT project, in terms of concept, community building, technology development & deployment, and political decision making has had major effects on improving this situation.

At present, TraIT has delivered one or more mature services for each of the aforementioned data domains in the translational research workflow: clinical (OpenClinica), imaging (e.g. NBIA, XNAT), biobanking (MOLGENIS catalogue in close collaboration with BBMRI-NL), and experimental (e.g. Galaxy, Phenotype DB). Data integration across these translational domains is provided by the TraIT service for tranSMART, an open-source solution for hypothesis-free browsing across clinical and genomics data. The TraIT services are made available in an on-line digital research environment, very much like an “MS office suite” for translational research, and are supported by a fully operational TraIT service center handling approximately ten user calls per day. This additional layer of services on top of often well-established open source solutions has been key to the user uptake of TraIT.

With these results, TraIT has become an internationally recognized best practice in FAIR (i.e. findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) data stewardship. TraIT has become one of the key components of the current BBMRI-NL (i.e. the Dutch national biobanking infrastructure) program, and one of the initiators of the comprehensive Dutch national infrastructure for personalized medicine & health research, Health-RI. It is anticipated that TraIT will become an integral part of the Health-RI services in the coming years. The transition of TraIT into Health-RI is currently being developed with the support of many stakeholders, most notably the Dutch Cancer Foundation KWF.

TraIT will continue as a Lygature platform.


TraIT Output booklet (download PDF)