TraIT Foundation for further sustainability of the TraIT infrastructure


TraIT Foundation

More than 300 research projects with over 2900 researchers are using TraIT as of December 2016. This large user community has urged us to continue the TraIT infrastructure beyond the project phase in order to be able to continue serving our users.

Steps were taken to ensure sustainability of the TraIT infrastructure by establishing a TraIT governance structure with a central role for the newly established TraIT Foundation. As such, we expect to ensure the long-term sustainability of the TraIT deliverables embedded within the broader Dutch research infrastructure ecosystem.

In the process, the TraIT project, which was initiated by CTMM in 2011, has now been transitioned into the TraIT Foundation, a platform led by Lygature, the joint organization of CTMM and TI Pharma.

First TraIT Foundation assembly

The first TraIT Foundation assembly was organized on November 15th, 2016 for TraIT stakeholders, where the new governance models were presented.

Adjacent to this session, a well-visited hands-on workshop demonstrating some of the TraIT, BBMRI and DTL tools took place. In response to the broad interest in the workshop, the hands-on sessions were available for participants for an extra week.

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