TraIT LOGIS introduces version 2.0: Ldot

As from February 22, 2016, TraIT LOGIS will be updated to the newest available version with a complete metamorphosis and a new name: Ldot

Ldot is a technically, visually and practically improved version of LOGIS, a web-based tool to monitor your study logistics.

Apart from technical, layout and practical design improvements, MEMIC also further developed integration with other TraIT supported tools (Open Clinica and BMIA). Ldot new features include a.o.:

  • New layout with positive visual as well as practical implications • Improved performance in Ldot and Ldot Study Builder
  • Integration with other TraIT supported tools, starting with Open Clinica* and NBIA*
  • Extraction of schedule to Excel format
  • Automated sending of e-mails and SMS messages (without human interaction)
  • Added e-mail attachment possibilities, including personalised PDF generation
  • Improved use of randomisation stratae
  • Barcode handler in Ldot

* a workflow schedule will be published on this website spring 2016 to describe integration functionality

LOGIS has been available as a free TraIT tool since February 1st of 2015.

Several studies have already implemented their schedule with the Study Builder. These schedules will be maintained and automatically migrated into the new environment.


About Ldot

Ldot, formerly LOGIS, is a web-based tool, designed to monitor your study logistics. The tool assists you in guarding the progress of your research project by telling you what to do for whom and at what time point, so you can fully focus on the quality of your data collection. Ldot is developed by MEMIC, centre for data and information management of Maastricht University, and has proven its use over more than 10 years. TraIT provides a free version of Ldot for researchers affiliated with TraIT in the Netherlands.


Please note: due to the planned migration, LOGIS will be offline on February 19th