Uitzending BNR gezond - Healthy collection of samples?

Gerrit Meijer talks to Harmke Pijpers about biobanks

Gerrit Meijer was one of the guests of Harmke Pijpers for the weekly radio program BNR gezond. The topic was biobanking.

"A biobank is more than a fridge full of blood, urine samples, MRI scans or tissue. How can one best make use of this data? What is the future of a biobank?"

"Linking data, advanced imaging techniques and accurate genetic analysis. The phenomenon biobank is on the march. Open access to this data is the future. Harmke Pijpers talks with Gerrit Meijer, pathologist at the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam and Chairman of the KWF Scientific Council, about the privacy of the people from whom the data originate."

Please find the interview at the BNR radio site (in dutch).