TraIT organises tranSMART developer/user workshop in Amsterdam, June 17-19

In this workshop, organized by CTMM TraIT, together with IMI eTRIKS and the tranSMART Foundation, we will deep-dive into the next release of tranSMART

The focus will be on further development of the so-called 'tranSMART core', an effort to restructure and modularize the tranSMART code, and also on defining the joint open source roadmap for further tranSMART developments in the coming 6 months.

This workshop is hosted at VU Medical Center Amsterdam. 

Preliminary Agenda:

June 17

  • Welcome

Session 1:

  • Status update of latest tranSMART release

  • State of tranSMART core development

  • Invited talks (pending)

Session 2:

  • Review and update of open source collaboration process and “best practices”

  • Forming Working groups on core API’s, ETL, Analysis/Rmodules, GUI

  • Presentation on the views of TM 2.0 by TraIT, eTRIKS, tranSMART foundation and other partner (please send in requests for talks)

Evening Dinner

June 18 - Breakout Hackathon & User Workshops

Session 3:

  • Introductions: tranSMART (core) development showcases, user experiences

  • Forming Working groups on core API’s, ETL, Analysis/Rmodules, GUI

  • Plan hackathon details

Session 4:

  • Define tranSMART roadmap from developer and from user perspective for the following 6 months

  • Plenary session bringing these roadmaps together

June 19 - All day hackathon and user workshop

  • Work on small kickstart or bugfix projects and user stories / tranSMART user visions

  • Report and summarize workshop outcomes

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