BMIA Implementation

The high level steps to implement the TraIT Imaging Services for a study are the following:



Short description


Long description


Request BMIA Collection

Principal investigator

Via the CTMM TraIT Servicedesk


Define de-identification policy

Study coordinator

See SOP “BMIA de-identification”* for the de-identification options


Install CTP-client in submitting site

Submitting site

See SOP “Install CTP”* for the step-by-step instructions


Instruct local data-managers

Study coordinator

Instruct local data managers how to submit images to NBIA / XNAT


The steps to submit images to NBIA / XNAT are as follows:

  • the data-manager selects the images in the PACS workstation;
  • the data-manager sends the images to the CTP-client;
  • the CTP-client de-identifies the images;
  • the CTP-client sends the images through a secure HTTPS connection to NBIA / XNAT.


For the specific step by step guide for NBIA, please follow Steps to get a study up and running in NBIA.

A step by step guide for XNAT will be available soon, but is very similar to that of NBIA.

CTP flow