Features and services


Please find below some features of TraIT BMIA and description of the TraIT BMIA services .

Links to other data storage and analysis tools


License Model and Continued Development

Application and Change Management

Compliance to rules and regulations

Pricing model

User Support


CTMM TraIT does not organise formal training for BMIA at the moment. This may be done in the future. Please see also the TraIT training portfolio for more details of available training.

Multi center access

The TraIT BMIA environments are accessible via the internet from all over the world. Therefore it is possible to capture data from different centres for one study in this BMIA environment.

Large user community

Since BMIA was adopted by TraIT as the preferred image data capture suite in 2011, its user base on the TraIT server has grown to over 25 clinical studies involving more than 2000 patients.