Deployment and User Support

Objective: Create and maintain a stable and secure environment where the tools developed by TraIT work packages are running and support all (new) users of TraIT tools and services


The various TraIT work packages focus on selecting the right software packages and tools to address the needs of their specific user groups and subsequently developing, building and implementing those tools, work flows and pipelines in small scale pilot studies. Once the development phase is completed, large-scale implementation is required to make the tool, work flow or pipeline robust enough for the research community at large and to build the necessary infrastructure for access and support. In other words, the efforts of the work package have to be deployed to bring them to the next level.

TraIT Deployment and User Support is where all the output of the other work packages comes together and is made available to TraIT users.

Deployment and User Support is the production environment where tools are implemented for large-scale usage. Once production is completed, Deployment and User Support offers a stable and secure environment where the tools and applications are running and it acts as the central portal to all TraIT activities. This includes building and maintaining a  user-friendly website, organizing access for (new) users, assisting new users through training modules and supporting users through a Service Desk facility.

Support of all TraIT tool users is a main task of Deployment and User Support. For this, the Self Service Desk has been put in place. At the moment more than 2500 national and international translational biomedical researchers make use of the TraIT tools and are given support in the usage therof via the Service Desk.

Target groups

- All (potential) users of TraIT services, tools, applications, archives, pipelines etc.


- Service desk is operational and in use by more than 2500 (inter)national researchers

- In production:

- Nearing completion:

More information

Work Package leader: Rita Azevedo (Lygature)

rita.azevedo <at>