Digital Pathology

Objective: Set up an online virtual microscopy platform – trait Enhanced Pathology Image Sharing (tEPIS) – that allows sharing of pathology slides between researchers and pathologists


Today, in studies involving pathology specimens (microscopy slides), either physical gathering of (clinical) researchers and pathologists is required to examine the slides under the microscope and discuss their findings, or the slides need to be mailed back and forth between locations. This is not only an inefficient and time consuming way to operate; it also puts the often fragile and sometimes irreplaceable pathology samples at risk during transport.

TraIT Digital Pathology / tEPIS aims to move this process into the online world, by setting up an online platform for storage and exchange of digitalized pathology slides. Such an environment allows researchers to examine slides from their respective workplaces and to perform data analysis on slides from other studies in which they participate or to which they have been granted access.

Target groups

- Clinical researchers

- Life sciences researchers

- Pathologists


Every hospital operates different scanners brands, sample handling procedures, storage formats etc. TraIT Digital Pathology / tEPIS therefore decided to circumvent the need for an overall standardized format for storage and sharing by opting for a two-step approach. The first step is to install a local system at each participating hospital. Using this system, researchers and pathologists can store and analyze their data in the way they are used to and that fits with other hospital protocols. During the second step, images and data that are selected for sharing through tEPIS will be processed to a generic, open format that is accessible to all users. The tEPIS platform allows researchers to use their own data analysis pipelines and to add e.g. further annotations to shared data.


- A starting group of 6 university medical centers (UMCU, AMC, VUmc, Radmoud MC, UMCG and Erasmus MC) is formed where the local systems are being installed. This group acts as a test case for the large-scale implementation in all participating hospitals. Right now, the system is deployed at the following sites and is hooked up to the central, online platform.

The central server is online as well and accessible via Currently, the transfer to the Deployment and User Support workpackage with professional support is underway.

More information

Work Package leader: Nikolas Stathonikos (UMC Utrecht)

nstatho2 <at>


tEPIS is funded by the LSH FES2009 program.

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