National Biomedical Imaging Archive


NBIA is one of the two services provided by the TraIT BioMedical Image Archive (BMIA) for archiving imaging data. It is similar to the other service, XNAT.

After local de-identification, submitting sites (e.g. hospital, general practitioner, university) can store (clinical) images in NBIA. Authenticated and authorized parties can retrieve images using a 'webshop' functionality. This is the more user-friendly archive, originally developed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

For viewing images from within NBIA, currently the native NBIA viewer or the Keosys viewer, Imagys, can be used.

The native viewer of the NBIA archive offers simple viewing of thumbnails and images before selection for download.

Later this year, NBIA will be extended with Oviyam. Oviyam is an open source HTML5 DICOM viewer with basic analysis function. For more information see

NBIA will also be extended with basic workflow capabilities, meaning that NBIA can be configured to send emails if images are submitted and ready for review/download. This is especially relevant in trials where fast central review of images is required.


For the pricing model of NBIA, please read here.


To setup NBIA for your study, please follow the implementation steps.


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