Deploy profile(s) in submitting sites

When there are no more comments, and the profile (for a specific participating centre) is agreed upon, the pipeline (and specific profile) can be deployed in the local centre via the local CTP installation to send real study images to XNAT

Although we can help setup the pipeline upon request, final installation and maintenance in local hospitals is not part of our support. This should be handled by the local department or central IT department (dependent on the infrastructure and policies of the hospital). We can support local IT in case of technical questions and to deliver the pipeline as configured for this study, however access to the local CTP installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the local IT contact person. This contact person can also help with further questions regarding connections to local clinical systems (e.g. PACS or imaging workstations).

This deployment process needs to be conducted in all participating centres uploading imaging data, as decided upon in the original decisions step.

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