Install CTP-client at submitting sites

The Clinical Trial Processor (CTP) is the proposed tool for de-identifying and submitting imaging data. Every submitting site needs to install CTP locally to submit images to XNAT.

CTP is a stand-alone Java client program (developed by the RSNA) for de-identification and submission of imaging data to a central archive. CTP has the following key features:

  • Easy installation.
  • Support for multiple pipelines.
  • Processing pipelines supporting multiple configurable stages.
  • Support for multiple quarantines for data objects which are rejected during processing.
  • Pre-defined implementations for key components:
    • HTTP / DICOM Import
    • DICOM Anonymizer
    • HTTP(s) / DICOM / FTP(s) Export
  • Web-based monitoring of the application's status, including configuration, logs, quarantines, status

More information is available from the RSNA.

A couple configuration templates are available on our GitHub, namely a strict anonymiser according to DICOM 142 standards, and a customised profile.

CTP needs to be installed at each site wishing to submit images to XNAT. Images are then sent to a central CTP server, which then directs them to XNAT.

See SOP “Install CTP” for the step-by-step instructions.


A variety of sites already have a working CTP client. Please contact us via this e-mail for more information on the sites we know are using CTP, and the respective contact persons. Please let us know for which site you are wishing to obtain this information.


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