Quality Control by Study

Before you can upload the images of a new study on the production server you will have to test whether the uploaded images meet the requirements for the study

Please check the following

  • have the test images been uploaded to your XNAT project?
  • have the test images been de-identified according to the outcome of step "Create and test de-identification pipeline"?
  • are the images usable for the envisaged research purposes?

Health-RI requires that you thoroughly test uploading and de-identification and also test data export from XNAT in the format that is needed for research.

Testing is essential to avoid late-stage problems. Health-RI can give advice on how to avoid exporting/analysis problems, but will not unconditionally fix the problems after-the-fact if not consulted before the start of the study.

Make sure that potential problems are identified at an early stage and discuss these with Health-RI. This will enable Health-RI to support you with data export and analysis in the production environment.


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