Frequenty Asked Questions


1. What will happen after January 2016 when costs of hosting and user  support  are not covered by the CTMM-TraIT project anymore?
2. Could I pay to have my study build for me?

Request study or user account:

3. How do I request a new study?
4. How do I request a new user account?

Preparation phase:

Build Study in Sandbox:

5. Is it possible to make events/CRFs dependable on the subject group, for instance in case of a study with different study arms?
6. Upon uploading my new CRF version I got this message: “You may not modify the Description, Data Type, Units, or PHI Status of items already included in this CRF. …”. How do I solve this?

7. The “event start date” that was entered in OpenClinca is not present in my data export. How do I add this variable to my dataset?
8. I want to enter data, but can’t add a patient to my subject matrix. What is wrong?

Rule Designer

9. A rule, which contains items from different CRF pages, validates and functions in the test mode, but does not work on the actual data (no results are returned, but wrong data are present). What should I do?
10. I have removed a rule and I want to restore it, but I can’t find the rule anywhere. Can I restore the rule at all?

Rules general

11. How can I select on “empty” or “not empty” for a certain item?

Build study in production environment

12. How can I check whether I have set up my study exactly the same (CRFs in each event) as in the sandbox environment?

Execution phase:

Data entry/data upload

(will follow soon)

Manage a Study

13. How can I create a PDF/paper version of my current study setup?
14. I can’t save the blank CRF document as PDF. How can I still create a “paper” version?
15. How do I make changes in my CRF page?
16. How do I migrate entered data from an older to a new CRF version?
17. How do I completely delete a site, subject, event or CRF?
18. How do I remove a subject from the subject matrix?

19. How do I rename a subject?
20. How do I add a user to my study?
21. How do I remove a user from my study?

22. Can I reassign a subject to another site in OpenClinica?

23. The date of birth/sex of the subject was entered wrong. How can I correct this?
24. I have choosen “‘Auto-generated and Non-editable’ subjectID”, but upon creating a new subject numbers are skipped compared to the previous subject I created (the last number was 100002 and the new subject has 1000016). What happened to the numbers in between?
25. I tried to open a CRF page but got the following message: “This CRF is currently unavailable for data entry. XXXXXXX is currently entering data. Once they leave the CRF, you will be allowed to enter data “. I asked this person but he had already closed OpenClinica. How can we solve this?

Exports/Interim analysis:

26. I am missing data in my export which have been entered in OpenClinica. What is wrong?
27. Even though I have selected “all available CRFs”, I am still missing data for certain subjects in my export. What is wrong?
28. In SPSS I get the following message in my output: “Error.  Command name: GET DATA (2265) Unrecognized or invalid variable format.  The format is invalid.  For >numeric formats, the width or decimals value may be invalid.” after running the syntax from OpenClinica. What is wrong?