23. The date of birth/sex of the subject was entered wrong. How can I correct this?

Execution phase: Data entry/data upload : Manage a Study

Date of birth:

Unfortunately users in OpenClinica are not authorized to change this value. This needs to be requested from the TraIT administrators. Send a request in Topdesk, indicating for which study, in which environment (production) and site data need to be changed. List the subject numbers and indicate what the current value is and what it needs to be changed into.


Only Datamanagers and Study Directors can change this value. Other users should send a request in Topdesk (see Date of birth above).


-Steps to be taken:

-Go to “Subject Matrix”

-Select concerning subject

Click on ‘view’ (magnifying glass below ‘Actions’)

-Expand “Global Subject Record” (left bottom page)

Click on ‘Edit Record’

-Change Sex value

Click on ‘Confirm’

Click on ‘Submit’