28. In SPSS I get the following message in my output: “Error. Command name: GET DATA (2265) Unrecognized or invalid variable format. The format is invalid. For >numeric formats, the width or decimals value may be invalid.” after running the syntax from OpenClinica. What is wrong?

Exports/Interim analysis

This error is caused by the fact that a numeric field of the type “real” was indicated with a decimal width of 0. This setting can’t be changed in the production environment after data have been entered. Check which items/variables are setup this way and add the following syntax to the OpenClinica syntax to set the desired format for the item in SPSS. SPSS will have changed for instance 4(0) to F4.6 (the default number of decimals in SPSS for a “real” number). Change the format to F4.0 and run again.