6. Upon uploading my new CRF version I got this message: “You may not modify the Description, Data Type, Units, or PHI Status of items already included in this CRF. …”. How do I solve this?

Preparation Phase : Build Study in Sandbox

Unfortunately when data have been entered in a CRF version the mentioned setttings can’t be changed for an item. The only solution is to add a new version of the item (with a new name, for instance by adding a 1 or 2 at the end) with the desired settings and remove (using “delete row” not by simple deleting the values).
In case there are too many rows which need changing, then change the name of your CRF on the “CRF” tab, set the version to 0.1 (or 1) and add a version description and revision notes to indicate why you created a new CRF. Upload this new CRF in OpenClinica, remove the old version from the event and add this new CRF to the event. Then remove the old version from the CRF list for clarity (it will remain available, see also this FAQ).