Why TraIT OpenClinica?

TraIT hosts and supports the Open Clinica Community Edition which has a lot of advantages.

TraIT hosts and supports the Open Clinica Community Edition.

The advantages of using TraIT OpenClinica:

  • Free of charge, at least until end of 2017 (a fair-use policy applies, see also Pricing Model)
  • Secure deployment by professional hosting party
  • High quality user support via TraIT servicedesk
  • Study/Principal Investigator (PI) are the only controller of the data
  • Links to other data storage and analysis tools within the TraIT platform, allowing researchers to integrate and analyse case report data, imaging data, experimental data and bio banking information.
  • Possibility to integrate with Trusted Third Party which allows to securely use identifiable data within OpenClinica

For more details please see also TraIT OpenClinica features and services, as well as this presentation.

The TraIT project hosts and supports two OpenClinica environments:

  1. A production environment used for studies for which data capture is on-going
  2.  An environment that can be used to build and test an OpenClinica study and CRF before starting actual data capture.