Bio-specimen Catalogue

- Direct access to the TraIT / BBMRI Catalogue production and sandbox.

Steps to get up and running with Catalogue and Podium


Collection Catalogue

The (Collection) Catalogue contains summary data on the data, images or biobank collections that are available for research. It allows researchers to find collections that are suitable for their research, by offering an easy way to search based on the most common criteria. Information in the collection Catalogue is also published to the BBMRI-ERIC Directory.

Biobanks, collections or organisations that want to be included in the Catalogue and Podium should follow the steps to get up and running with the Catalogue and Podium.

Study (subject level) Catalogue

The subject level study Catalogue is used within the context of a single study to collect subject level data in a closed access Catalogue that provides collaborators insight into the collected material or data. A study can choose to use a predefined data model conforming to the CBM-NL information model or develop a tailor made model to capture the specific needs of the study.

Further information

The catalogue platform is created in MOLGENIS (
For further questions regarding the Catalogue platform, including requests for usage, please contact the Service Desk at


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Current version and release notes

Molgenis 7.4.2  (Release notes)