Clinical Trial Processor

The Clinical Trial Processor (CTP) is offered by the TraIT Health-RI as a service for de-identifying and submitting imaging data

CTP is a stand-alone Java client program for de-identification and submission of imaging data to a central archive. CTP has the following key features:

  • Single-click installation.
  • Support for multiple pipelines.
  • Processing pipelines supporting multiple configurable stages.
  • Support for multiple quarantines for data objects which are rejected during processing.
  • De-identification before sending the data outside hospital environment (including security measures when de-identification fails)
  • Pre-defined implementations for key components:
    • HTTP / DICOM Import
    • DICOM Anonymizer
    • HTTP(s) / DICOM / FTP(s) Export
  • Web-based monitoring of the application's status, including configuration, logs, quarantines, status

More information is available from the RSNA: Furthermore, a scientific paper regarding the quality of anonimization tools (which was positive for CTP) can be found here.


The steps to submit images to XNAT are as follow:

  • the data-manager selects the images in the PACS workstation
  • the data-manager sends the images to the CTP-client
  • the CTP-client de-identifies the images
  • the CTP-client sends the images through a secure link to XNAT

The preparation phase for this process is possibly a lengthy iterative process. Please read more in the XNAT step by step plan.


Direct access to download CTP.

CTP flow