Why TraIT Ldot


By using Ldot, you can

Protocol execution standardisation

· Objective

· Centralised knowledge

· Easy to learn and execute for outsiders

Track of all performed actions

· Generates metadata for how (and when) you gathered your data

Immediate insight in study status

· Pro-active: get alerted for actions that require attention

· Visualise study subject progress (e.g. charts)

Minimisation of required team efforts

· Simple

· Automatic execution

· Third party tooling integration

Central, safe storage of logistical data*


· Data stored separate from research data


· Avoid:

· fragmented data storage

· data loss

· data leaks

* By using Ldot, you make sure the personal data of your study subjects are stored according to the GDPR.

TraIT supports a generic Ldot solution, which has some important advantages:


· You can build your own schedule

· Safe data storage in a ISO27001 environment

· HTTPS encrypted web environment

· High quality user support via TraIT service desk

· Interoperability with other (TraIT) applications, such as OpenClinica, Castor EDC, Qualtrics and NBIA


TraIT hosts and supports two Ldot environments:

· A production environment used for active studies


· A sandbox environment that enables users to build and test a Ldot schedule before moving to the production environment


Please not that, to obtain access to Ldot, you should contact the service desk to request a user account for Ldot.