Podium is an online one-stop-shop to request samples, images and data from multiple national health registries, health databases, image archives and biobanks

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Podium was set up by to facilitate access for researchers to bio-material, clinical images and health data and to allow linkage of data, samples and/or images on subject-level across different biobanks and registries. With the portal researchers will have a single online entry point to request what they need for their research. This will facilitate and stimulate efficient, optimal and shared use of the available resources within the Netherlands.

For more information, please visit the PODIUM page.


PODIUM Services

Podium is hosted on a platform in a ISO27001 certified datacenter. Operational support is carried out by Health-RI and

Biobanks and registries willing to partake in Podium can request an account via the Health-RI Service desk.
Researchers in search of samples, data and/or images can search the
BBMRI Catalogue and send their query via Podium to the biobanks and registries. To be able to use Podium you need to create an account at your first visit.

Once a (new) user account is granted access to Podium, he/she will receive instructions and/or training for Podium.

User support is provided via the Health-RI Self Service Desk.


Conditions for Use

It is expected that organisations and biobanks wanting to use PODIUM will have their collections added in Catalogue.


Fair Use and Freemium Pricing

The TraIT project supports users PODIUM. Support is provided for specific questions/problems related to the PODIUM software. The regular fair use policy and freemium pricing for all TraIT Services also apply to PODIUM. See under 'About TraIT', 'Fair Use policy' and 'Freemium pricing'.





Current version and release notes

PODIUM 1.0.0  (Release notes)
Apache 2 license