Pathology image management and sharing

tEPIS is a web-based tool suitable for Pathology image management and sharing.

It is used to view images produced by wholeslide scanners and support a research project workflow. Submitting sites have the option to upload images using one of the supported wholeslide imaging formats supported by the system (see list below) and share those with other researchers or specialists via a comprehensive role management system.

Image data from tEPIS can be easily queried and linked to other systems or embedded in custom tools/forms.

tEPIS has the following key features:

  • completely web-based
  • support for tagging images
  • annotation - markup support
  • workflow support
  • multiple file format support

More advanced features include:

  • Access for image processing application via a java plugin
  • Export of case metadata

tEPIS supports the following file formats:

  • 3D Histech - MIRAX ( .mrxs)
  • Aperio (.svs, .tif)
  • Philips ( .isyntax, .tif)
  • Ventana (.tif)
  • Olympus (.tif)
  • Hamamatsu ( .ndpi)

tEPIS is developed by Philips Digital Pathology.


A group of 6 university medical centers (Utrecht, AMC, VUmc, Nijmegen, Groningen and ErasmusMC) is formed where the local systems are being installed. Right now, the system is deployed at the following sites and is hooked up to the central, online platform.

The central server is online as well and accessible via


Pricing model

In 2017, research projects can use the TraIT tEPISserver free of charge, however a fair-use policy applies: Projects having high demands with respect to computing capacity, disk space, network bandwidth or consultancy should fund this from their own project budget.

The pricing model for 2017 has been set as follows:

TierSapce Used (GB)Starting fee (€)Price (€/GB/year)
Free 0-150 - -
First paid 151-300 € 200 € 1,50
Second paid >300 € 425 € 2,50

Please contact the TraIT Service Desk for more information on the pricing model.


For further questions regarding the tEPIS platform, including requests for usage, please contact the TraIT Service Desk at


tEPIS screen


tEPIS is funded by the LSH FES2009 program.