Workflow Tool to Monitor Bio-specimen Exchange

Direct access to the Workflow.

The movement of samples either from biobank/lab to researcher or from hospital/lab to biobank is traditionally done by e-mails, fax or telephone. This prevents a proper track-and-trace of materials and makes recovering samples when lost difficult if not impossible. The TraIT work flow tool, developed in collaboration with CSC using the Cordys Business Process Modeling (BPM) platform provides a simple turnkey solution that allows customization for individual projects as well.

Developed as a cloud based solution to monitor requesting, dispatching, collecting and processing bio-specimens plus providing audit trails of all involved. Privacy requirements, time constraints as well as legal permissions are documented and where needed exchanged.

The workflow tool basic design is based on the String of Pearls Institute (PSI) biobanking protocols and SOP’s following their formulated rules and recommendations.


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