XNAT Freemium and FAIR use


Dutch initiated research projects can make use of TraIT XNAT.


Unless otherwise specified here, the regular fair use policy and freemium pricing for all TraIT Services also apply to XNAT. See under 'About TraIT', 'Fair Use policy and Freemium pricing'


The TraIT project supports users in the TraIT XNAT environment. Support is provided for specific questions/problems related to the XNAT software, but the support model assumes a do-it-yourself attitude.

In 2019*, research projects can use the TraIT XNAT server free of charge, however a fair-use policy applies: Projects having high demands with respect to computing capacity, disk space, network bandwidth or consultancy should fund this from their own project budget. More specifications on what is Freemium will be included in this page soon.

The pricing model for 2019 (excluding BTW) can be found here.


Each XNAT study should make sure not to perform activities that could potentially be disruptive for the proper operation of the XNAT service in general (fair use policy). Please contact TraIT in advance of performing activities which could cause excessive load disruptive for other users. These include: large data uploads, use of the REST-API, automated data entry scripts, a.o.


Please contact the TraIT Service Desk for more information on the pricing model.



* Costs of hosting and user support were covered by the CTMM TraIT project until the end of 2017.